Maya Files:

jykCamera.rar jykCamera.rar
Size : 66.521 Kb
Type : rar

Maya Scripts - Python

Defines a selected objects if they are Inside, Outside or Intersecting
Size : 5.763 Kb
Type : py

Creates a Command String that can be re-create the curve in python and mel. Does not work yet if there are more than one shape under the transform
Size : 0.932 Kb
Type : py

Series of python scripts that transfers shapes to a null. Includes, add Shape to a null, removing shape to a null, and replacing shape to null. Select a Source (or parse a source) and transfer away to the rest of selected.
Size : 1.059 Kb
Type : py

Python version of Michael Comet's wireShape.mel and more.
Size : 8.988 Kb
Type : py

Maya Scripts - MEL 

Improved version of Maya's Bonus Tools that mirrors Animations. Ignores connected attributes and string custom attributes.
bgMirrorAnim.mel bgMirrorAnim.mel
Size : 16.584 Kb
Type : mel