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Triceration Zog

Posted by Jeremy YeoKhoo on Tuesday, February 7, 2012, In : Personal Projects 
Started on this a few months ago. Modeled in Maya, and Mudbox. Rendered in Mental Ray and used paintFX in Maya. Comped in Nuke. This is the first iteration of the look development stage.

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Camera Rig - JYK

Posted by Jeremy YeoKhoo on Sunday, February 6, 2011, In : Personal Projects 

Here is a camera rig I created in Maya. It's rigged up for its simplicity in use, the animator/film maker in mind and mimics real world camera's limitations. The HUD command will be uploaded shortly. Versions 1.00


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Character/Creature Technical Director

Currently working for Animal Logic as a Creature Technical Director My skillsets are geared towards Character Specialisation. Specifically in rigging, Creature and Character Effects, Look Development for Mental Ray and Renderman.