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Disney's High-Quality Capture of Eyes

Posted by Jeremy YeoKhoo on Sunday, December 7, 2014, In : Industry News 
Disney's Technical Paper on High Performance Capture of eyes from their research team in Zurich.  Let's see if their work can remove the uncanny valley phenomenon in capture performance of the eyes. Personally I think we're quite close with current methods, but this might be it for really close up shots.
Here's the link to Disney's Research Paper
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Hard Mesh for Maya

Posted by Jeremy YeoKhoo on Saturday, May 24, 2014, In : Industry News 
Hard Mesh is a third party plugin for Maya that seemingly matches up the Modo's own plugin MeshFusion. It is currently still in development by Costatino Fracas and Roberto Sorti.Cannot wait to have this plugin made available! 

Hard Mesh

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Efficient Elasticity for Skin Deformation

Posted by Jeremy YeoKhoo on Sunday, April 27, 2014, In : Industry News 
A video demonstration of an algorithm for skin deformation from a Siggraph Paper 2011. This looks very interesting and exciting, and probably implemented at Disney. As quoted from youtube link:
"We present a new algorithm for near-interactive simulation of skeleton driven, high resolution elasticity models. Our methodology is used for soft tissue deformation in character animation. The algorithm is based on a novel discretization of corotational elasticity over a hexahedral lattice. Within thi...
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Rhythm & Hues Voodoo

Posted by Jeremy YeoKhoo on Saturday, March 22, 2014, In : Industry News 
Here is the demo reel for Rhythm and Hues's Voodoo Technology. Good to see that R&H are out there and very impressive work. 

Rhythm & Hues Oscar Winning Technology Voodoo by CGMeetup
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Marvelous Designer

Posted by Jeremy YeoKhoo on Tuesday, March 18, 2014, In : Industry News 
Introducing to Marvelous Designer. An off the shelf standalone software for cloth peeps out there. Marvelous Designer

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Camera Breakdown for Need for Speed

Posted by Jeremy YeoKhoo on Tuesday, March 18, 2014, In : Industry News 
Its really interesting to see that most of the cameras used for the this newly released film Need for Speed are consumer affordable and all digital. Namely the Canon C500, goPro Hero 3 (?!) and etc.... Here is the camera breakdown for the trailer of the movie. 

And the link to the page. 
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Posted by Jeremy YeoKhoo on Friday, February 14, 2014, In : Industry News 
Could this be the answer to FaceRobot? Faceshift, a markerless Motion Capture system using the xbox kinect camera, all relatively cheaply.

Faceshift from Hugo Arcier on Vimeo.

Heres the Demo

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VFX Reel for 'Wolf of Wall Street'

Posted by Jeremy YeoKhoo on Thursday, January 16, 2014, In : Industry News 
Here is the VFX treatment for the latest movie by Martin Scorcese. 

The Wolf of Wall Street VFX Highlights from Brainstorm Digital on Vimeo.

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LipService feature called "Muscle Memory"

Posted by Jeremy YeoKhoo on Friday, May 31, 2013, In : Industry News 
I think thres a good future for this setup for a small effects house. Not sure if I like current muscle systems using collisions models for their simulation. LipService feature called "Muscle Memory" by Joe Alter

"hulk" test from joe alter on Vimeo.

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Facial Rigging - Web Browser Platform

Posted by Jeremy YeoKhoo on Thursday, December 8, 2011, In : Industry News 
'Stickman Ventures' - A facial rig of Ginger viewed through your web browser! Works on Chrome and Firefox.



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Canadian Media industry fears new rules will kill jobs

Posted by Jeremy YeoKhoo on Tuesday, July 20, 2010, In : Industry News 
Vancouver Sun - "...Several high-tech companies that are concerned about new Canadian legislation, [all] believe could leave serious gaps in their workforce."


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Character/Creature Technical Director

Currently working for Animal Logic as a Creature Technical Director My skillsets are geared towards Character Specialisation. Specifically in rigging, Creature and Character Effects, Look Development for Mental Ray and Renderman.