Disney's High-Quality Capture of Eyes

December 7, 2014
Disney's Technical Paper on High Performance Capture of eyes from their research team in Zurich.  Let's see if their work can remove the uncanny valley phenomenon in capture performance of the eyes. Personally I think we're quite close with current methods, but this might be it for really close up shots.
Here's the link to Disney's Research Paper


August 20, 2014
Could not wait to see this completed. Was a whirlwind of a job and had a lot of fun working on it.

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Brendan Body - Flight Tutorial

August 12, 2014
Brendan Body, an animator who has made a very useful tutorial on the art of flight for winged creatures whilst working on the movie "Lengends of Ga'hoole".

Check it out here. Brendan Body - Flight Tutorial
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CBA Wallet

June 19, 2014
Another Ad I worked on for Alt VFX in Brisbane. Alot of fun and the rig was a little crazy. Will try to get a demo of the rig in the near future.

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Iconic Emerge

May 24, 2014
Here is the latest project I worked on for Engine in Sydney as a freelancer Rigger. Had a bit of fun on this one. 

THE ICONIC EMERGE from Renée Cooper on Vimeo.

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Hard Mesh for Maya

May 24, 2014
Hard Mesh is a third party plugin for Maya that seemingly matches up the Modo's own plugin MeshFusion. It is currently still in development by Costatino Fracas and Roberto Sorti.Cannot wait to have this plugin made available! 

Hard Mesh

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Alt VFX Pepsi Ad mentioned on Kotaku!

May 13, 2014
Character Rigging work I did for my time with Alt VFX early this year, latest Pepsi commercial mainly broadcast for Japan was mentioned in Kotaku. Rigging wise, there was a bit of Maya API application for some of the tools I had to make for the Oni. Huge asset, with a movable skin layer.

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SFBT - Finally a poseable model for Character Artists

May 11, 2014
For $300, this is a bargain. Special Full Action Body Type -3 currently has no stock of its product but the website DOLK claims that it will be available for overseas shipment later in the year. It's fully poseable and great for figure drawing references. I am going to get one.

Demonstration on youTube.

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Efficient Elasticity for Skin Deformation

April 27, 2014
A video demonstration of an algorithm for skin deformation from a Siggraph Paper 2011. This looks very interesting and exciting, and probably implemented at Disney. As quoted from youtube link:
"We present a new algorithm for near-interactive simulation of skeleton driven, high resolution elasticity models. Our methodology is used for soft tissue deformation in character animation. The algorithm is based on a novel discretization of corotational elasticity over a hexahedral lattice. Within thi...
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Heinz Bean Astronauts

April 26, 2014
Honestly how cool is this ad. Stuff really up my alley I would say, wish I was doing it.

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Character/Creature Technical Director

Currently working for Animal Logic as a Creature Technical Director My skillsets are geared towards Character Specialisation. Specifically in rigging, Creature and Character Effects, Look Development for Mental Ray and Renderman.